4-Station Luxury Restroom/Shower/Laundry Combo Trailers

Introducing a versatile and top-notch option for glamping events, worksites, schools, and renovations—a highly efficient and compact unit meticulously crafted to accommodate a variety of needs.

Welcome to Lavatory Las Vegas’s 4-Station Luxury Restroom/Shower/Laundry Combo Trailers – your go-to destination for an all-in-one mobile restroom experience that blends versatility and luxury seamlessly. These trailers aren’t just a solution; they’re a triple threat, offering restroom facilities, invigorating showers, and on-the-go laundry capabilities. It’s akin to having a portable spa and laundry room accompany you wherever you roam – a true game-changer in the realm of portable restroom solutions!

Embrace Triple the Luxury:

Imagine having access to a portable haven that not only caters to your restroom needs but also provides a revitalizing shower and a convenient laundry solution. Our 4-Station Luxury Restroom/Shower/Laundry Combo Trailers embody convenience and opulence on wheels. It’s a comprehensive package designed for those who prioritize luxury, whether you’re amidst the excitement of a Las Vegas event or enjoying a serene gathering in Mesquite.

Why Opt for the 4-Station Combo:

Why settle for trailers with single functions when you can enjoy the best of all worlds? Our 4-Station Combo Trailers are engineered for discerning individuals who demand excellence. Whether you’re organizing an event in Henderson or overseeing a construction project in Reno, these trailers deliver unparalleled luxury. Featuring spacious interiors, climate-controlled showers, and laundry facilities, they epitomize Lavatory Las Vegas’s commitment to revolutionizing portable restrooms.

Examples of Versatile Use:

Let’s delve into real-life scenarios where our 4-Station Luxury Restroom/Shower/Laundry Combo Trailers shine:

  • Community Festivities in Summerlin’s Canyon Gate Park: Visualize a vibrant community event at Canyon Gate Park in Summerlin – families relishing outdoor festivities while our combo trailers stand at the ready, offering restroom facilities, refreshing showers, and even handling unexpected laundry needs.
  • Construction Site in Vegas: Amidst the hustle of a construction site in Vegas, our 4-Station Combo Trailers emerge as unsung heroes. Your team can rejuvenate after a day of hard work with the convenience of showers and tackle quick laundry cycles – all without leaving the site.
  • Music Festival Atmosphere in Henderson’s Sunset Station: Hosting a music festival at Sunset Station in Henderson becomes effortless with our combo trailers. Attendees can enjoy the luxury of clean showers, ensuring they remain energized throughout the event, with the added convenience of on-the-spot laundry facilities.
  • Corporate Gatherings in Reno: Envision a corporate gathering in Reno where our 4-Station Combo Trailers elevate sophistication. Attendees can freshen up between sessions, indulge in a revitalizing shower, and address laundry emergencies – because corporate elegance deserves nothing but the best.

Connect with Lavatory Las Vegas Across Various Nevada Cities:

Looking to experience luxury in different Nevada cities? Connect with Lavatory Las Vegas in locations like Henderson, Mesquite, or Reno. Each city boasts its unique allure, and our trailers are poised to infuse Lavatory Las Vegas luxury into every corner of the state.

At Lavatory Las Vegas, we don’t just offer trailers; we craft experiences. Join us on this journey, and let’s redefine your perception of portable restrooms – transforming them from mere necessities into luxurious essentials!

Standard Features

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  • Each Private Bathroom has 1 Toilet, 1 Sink, 1 Shower, 1 Power outlet
  • 1 Samsung Washer, 1 Dryer in Separate Room
  • 1 gfci electrical outlet in each room
  • Equipped with AC/Heating
  • White China Toilets with Foot Flush
  • Interior & Exterior LED Lights
  • Hot and Cold Water Controls
  • Shower Heads Metered to 1.5 GPM
  • Seamless Gel-coated Fiberglass Walls, Ceiling, and Sub-floor
  • Oversized Mirrors with Decorative Frames
  • Stainless Steel Sinks
  • Smart Touch Digital Thermostat


Number of Stations4
Number of Washer/Dryer1 Stack
Length w/ Tongue26′ 4″
Width w/ Stairs12′ 4″
Height w/ AC11′ 4″
Fresh Water Tank105 Gallons
Waste Tank750 Gallons
Power RequirementsOne dedicated 220 Volt-50 amp circuit within 100 feet of trailer (min of Two 110v-20 amp for basic functions)
No. of AC Units1
4-Station Luxury Restroom/Shower/Laundry Combo Trailers Outdoor View - The Lavatory Las Vegas
4-Station Luxury Restroom/Shower/Laundry Combo Trailers Floorplan View - The Lavatory Las Vegas

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